​Music & Art of L.I


​​​Group Art Class
* Painting, Drawing and 3D Regular Class Schedule (Sep. 2019 - )

   Tue 4:45-6:15pm for 90min

   Tue 6:30-8:00pm for 90min

   Wed 5:00-6:30pm 90min

   Sat 10:00-12:00pm for 120min

* Preparing for Art Contests (Scholastic / Celebrating art)

* MALI Fall/Winter Art Exhibit & Party

Private Art Lesson

* Contact at 646-872-7329 for details

Class & Payment Policy
* Class will be small group classes
* All students should come prepared for class 5 minutes before start time.
* There will be no restroom breaks for any student during the class. 
* Please use the restroom or get a drink prior to the class.
* Parents/Guardians must be available to the first and last 5min. of class outside the classroom for any teacher/parent meeting related to their child. No "drop off and leave", please
* Full payment is required on 1st lesson of a 10 lesson registration period to be eligible for the discount.

* Tuition fees are not refundable.
* There will be a $30 charge for each returned check.
* A $15 late charge will be assessed for any payment past the due date.
* Cancellations are allowed with a 48-hour minimum advance notice to the MALI office (TXT​: 646-872-7329)


*Private Lesson

$100.00 per 60min (Include Material fees)

*Group Lesson
$250.00 for 10 * 90min Classes
$400.00 for 10 * 120min Classes

* Material fee is not included.
* This plan may be shared among family and friends
* After 11 weeks your 10 class registration will be expired regardless the amount of class you have left.